Open Postdoctoral and PhD Positions

Computational Materials Discovery Laboratory at State University of New York at Stony Brook

We seek outstanding candidates for PhD student and postdoctoral positions. Applications can be sent at any time. The positions will be extremely competitive and filled when truly outstanding candidates are identified.

Our two main research directions are:

  1. development of new methods and codes for predicting structures and properties of materials.

  2. applications of novel computational methods to high-pressure physics, mineralogy of planetary interiors, and materials design.

Stony Brook is located in a very pleasant and exclusive area of Long Island in New York State. The University benefits greatly from its geographic proximity and close ties with Brookhaven National Lab. Our lab is part of New York Center for Computational Sciences and has strong collaboration with the world-leading Mineral Physics Institute at Stony Brook, as well as with a number of companies and research groups - in particular in the US, Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia, China. We have priority access to unique computing facilities with a flagship Blue Gene L/P supercomputer. Our laboratory offers excellent research facilities, an exciting scientific program, friendly atmosphere, and competitive salaries.

Candidates should demonstrate their excellence and valid degrees in any of these fields - computational science and programming, physics, chemistry, materials science, geosciences. Strong background in theoretical physics/chemistry and/or simulation techniques is necessary. Applications for any position should submit a CV, a statement of research interests, and the names of two references to Artem R. Oganov. Those applying for a PhD position should also apply online.

Quiet idyllic villages on the Atlantic coast are a major attraction of Stony Brook, which provides ideal setting for first-class research and pleasant lifestyle.

Stony Brook University is the flagship campus of the SUNY (State University of New York). Creativity, total freedom and openness are the main principles of our laboratory. Each year we receive a number of visiting scientists, who move on to take high paths in their scientific careers.

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