USPEX Documentation

In this page you can see manuals, tutorials and documentation of USPEX:

USPEX Online Manual

Web-Based: Here you can see updated online-manual.

USPEX Manual in PDF Format

USPEX.pdf Here you can download the updated manual in the pdf-format.

USPEX Manual in Chinese

USPEX_Chinese.pdf Here you can download the updated manual in Chinese language (translated by Q.F.Zeng, D.Dong, J.Zhang).

USPEX-ATK Tutorial

USPEX-ATK.tutorial.pdf Here is a brief tutorial of USPEX interfaced with ATK.

Workshop's presentation files

A.R.Oganov "Crystal structure prediction and the USPEX code" (Slides)
Q. Zhu "Prediction of the structure of molecular crystals" (Slides)
Q. Zhu "Variable-composition evolutionary structure prediction" (Slides)
A.R. Oganov "Optimization of physical properties" (Slides)
Q.F. Zeng "Computational discovery of novel dielectric materials" (Slides)
Q. Zhu "Predicting low dimensional systems" (Slides)
A.R. Oganov "Evolutionary metadynamics" (Slides)
G.R. Qian "Methods for predicting phase transition mechanisms: VCNEB and TPS Method" (Slides)

USPEX-Mini Workshop

Manual.pdf Here is manual of USPEX mini-workshop in Xi’an, China by Qingfeng Zeng and Dong Dong.

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